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While each bride is unique, we’ve noticed some trends and twists with millennial brides. From glamping, to colored gowns, this generation isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s new, fun, and completely redefining how we think of weddings. Check out these ten ways millennial brides are changing the game. New traditions are on the scene!

One. What to Wear

Instead of purchase bridesmaids they are looking into alternative ways to rent gowns. This is a game changer, the men have been renting tuxes for years.  www.vowtobechic.com

Even the men have gotten in to the act with one line TUX rental services, saves them time www.theblacktux.com

Two, Inspiration

They are finding inspiration on and and off-line with Pinterest and Instagram as their main search sites.

Three, Collaboration

The collaborative experience is creating an experience that’s more native to this generation, where we’re enabling a really fun way for them to pull in the people who matter to them to get their opinion on purchases. We become part of that team or Tribe, it takes a village to host a wedding

Four, Friends first!

Millennials as a generation care more about what their friends and family think about purchases than they do about large brands or institutional opinions.

Five, Sense of Adventure

AIRBNB is their preferred way of travel, they love the convenience and being entrenched in the culture. This is one of my favorite things about the brides, they are adventure seekers and will try anything new

Six, Make it Fun

Its all about the experience, we try to create a party that is exciting and fun and shows who the couple really is.

Seven, Make it Different

Most people have been to so many weddings how do you take the same parameters and make it unique, make it your own.

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