Meet Sharon

In 1996 Sharon was asked to assist with a wedding for a friend, being Inspired by love, experiencing the excitement of being IN love, seeing the joy that fills each other’s eyes, is truly a blessing and a timeless story that must be celebrated.  It is this love that Sharon captures when creating and completing each event.  Having done quite a few events, for family and friends over the years and being very passionate abouteach event.  In February 2004, Sharon decided to launch “Simply Elegant by Sharon, Inc”.  Today the passion remains stronger as ever.  Sharon is very thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon her and each event is planned with this passion.

Sharon has planned many corporate events she has worked as well as private events with The Marome Agency PR firm, which engaged her services for many special events to include; Zo’s Annual Summer Groove and VMA Music Awards, Sharon has also, provided service for the Greater Miami Aviation where Barrington Antonio Irvingreceive outstanding recognition for being the youngest person to pilot a plane around the world solo, in 2007.  The Urban League of Broward County and The Broward Sheriff’s Office are just a few of many clients that Sharon has provided services for.  Sharon is also a preferred vendor at the NOPSI HOTEL, in New Orleans, the Renaissance hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Over the years, destination weddings have grown immensely and are more than just a trend.  Sharon has been recognized as a guru in this area.  Sharon has been known in South Florida as one of the most influential Wedding Planner around South Florida and abroad, with her attention to details!  Sharon has the knowledge, passion, and experience to make your dreams a reality.